CU Buy Plus Orders

 CU Buy Plus

Club Colors, a partner affiliated with the Creighton University Bookstore, is the go-to source for purchasing branded merchandise and apparel in bulk for internal needs. The Creighton logo (including the University logo, Athletics and the University seal) is easily added to the product of your choosing. Many products are top-rate brands such as Tervis, Patagonia, Yeti and more.


Not finding what you need? Create a custom order. A Club Colors representative will help you find additional products—and competitive prices, too. For all your internal Creighton-branded needs, start here with Club Colors.


CU Buy Plus UsersCUBuyPlus

If you have CU Buy Plus access, then this is the easiest way to order through Club Colors. Orders will be billed directly to a fund/org and receive tax-exempt status.



Non-CU Buy Plus Users

If you don’t have CU Buy Plus access, you can shop the Club Colors website to identify what items you’d like to order, then request a staff member who has CU Buy Plus access to place the order. In this method, the order will be billed to your fund/org with tax-exempt status. 


Section 3: Student Groups

If you are a student, you can order directly from the Club Colors website using a credit card. Student organizations do not qualify for tax-exempt status. If you need assistance with the purchase, contact a student club advisor.